OTI Slovakia športový klub mládeže

OTI supports all nature lovers to experience adventure and adrenaline and enjoy a stay in nature with their friends and family. Whether you are addicted to sports, a sports enthusiast or just want to try outdoor activities, with OTI you can organize your sports activities safely and consciously.

OTI Slovakia mission
We believe that in everything we do, it is an active part of social, cultural and environmental change:

  • Help people find, choose and have fun with each other
  • Promote outdoor education through active outdoor learning in a natural environment
  • Enable everyone particularly amazing and unknown places in Slovakia and throughout Europe
  • Restore contact with nature and try to maintain daily stress

OTI goals in 2022:

1. Let’s Go Outdoors is an initiative of OTI volunteers for young people living in Nitra and throughout Slovakia. OTI volunteers organize outdoor outdoor activities available to most people. The aim of the initiative is to increase the number of young people who go out into nature with us, move, vent their heads and learn how to plan a day trip in their surroundings. Connect young people, youth workers and tourists and mountain guides and plan an international one-day ascent for a mixed group from four European countries (Slovakia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Italy).

2. Involve citizens of Nitra in the so-called PLOGGING, which means a combination of physical activity – running in nature, in a park or along the Nitra river, during which we collect garbage.

3. Promote traditional dances from Slovakia outside Slovakia in Bulgaria, Romania and Turkey.