OTI Slovakia športový klub mládeže

If you desire to experience the ultimate outdoor adventure, OTI provides the perfect opportunity. With hiking trips and youth excursions tailored to all ages, individuals or groups can exist in a wild, untouched setting while bonding with family, friends, or even strangers. Learn more about nature while engaging in activities such as kayaking and rock climbing—each controlled by an expert in safety and sustainability. Participating in any of these ventures allows you to explore the great outdoors with confidence and care. There’s no better way to celebrate bond with your community and enjoy the beauty of nature than by exploring it with OTI, who is committed to helping everyone create unforgettable outdoor experiences.

OTI Slovakia mission
We believe that in everything we do, it is an active part of social, cultural and environmental change:

  • Help people find, choose and have fun with each other
  • Promote outdoor education through active outdoor learning in a natural environment
  • Enable everyone particularly amazing and unknown places in Slovakia and throughout Europe
  • Restore contact with nature and try to maintain daily stress

OTI goals in 2024:

Goals of the OTI Slovakia Hiking Club for 2024

As we step into 2024, OTI Slovakia is thrilled to announce an exciting array of goals and projects aimed at enhancing the hiking experience and fostering a greater appreciation for outdoor sports. Our vision for this year is filled with initiatives designed to bring more people into the fold of hiking, promote trail marking among young enthusiasts, host national gatherings, and embark on ambitious adventures. Here’s a detailed look at what OTI Slovakia aims to achieve in 2024:


Bringing More People to Hiking and Outdoor Sports

One of our primary goals is to introduce more individuals to the joys of hiking and outdoor sports. We believe that the great outdoors offers unmatched opportunities for physical activity, mental rejuvenation, and community building. Through various outreach programs and events, we aim to encourage people of all ages to lace up their boots and hit the trails.


Promoting Trail Marking Among Young People

Under the Erasmus+ Sport TRAILS project, we are committed to promoting trail marking among young people. This initiative aims to educate the youth on the importance of trail marking for safety and environmental conservation. By involving them in hands-on activities, we hope to instill a sense of responsibility and love for nature.


Organising 15 National Gatherings of Hikers in Nitra

A significant highlight of our 2024 agenda is the organisation of 15 national gatherings for hikers across Slovakia. These events will serve as platforms for hiking enthusiasts to come together, share experiences, and celebrate their passion for the outdoors. Each gathering will feature guided hikes, workshops, and social events, fostering a strong community spirit.


Conquering Rysy Mountain

As part of the Erasmus+ Sport 3HUTS project, we have set our sights on conquering Rysy Mountain, one of the most iconic peaks in the High Tatras. This ambitious endeavor will not only challenge our members physically but also reinforce the values of teamwork and perseverance.


Discovering Slavosovsky Tunnel and Hiking on Abandoned Railway

The Erasmus+ Sport SIGWAY project will take us on a unique adventure as we discover the historic Slavosovsky Tunnel and hike along an abandoned railway. This journey will offer a blend of history, exploration, and the thrill of uncovering forgotten paths, providing a memorable experience for all participants.


Providing More Opportunities for Young People to Learn and Travel Abroad

We are dedicated to creating opportunities for the younger generation to learn and travel abroad. Through various exchange programs and partnerships, we aim to broaden their horizons and expose them to different cultures and outdoor activities, enriching their personal and professional lives.


Improving Safety and Hiking Skills of OTI Members

Safety is paramount in all our activities. The Erasmus+ Sport SAFEHIKE project focuses on improving the safety and hiking skills of our members. Through comprehensive training sessions and practical workshops, we aim to equip our members with the knowledge and skills necessary to navigate trails safely and responsibly.


Empowering Women in Climbing

Finally, through the Erasmus+ Sport CLIMBIT project, we seek to empower women to try and sustain climbing in a safe and supportive environment. By providing access to resources, training, and mentorship, we aim to break down barriers and encourage more women to embrace climbing as a rewarding and empowering sport.

OTI Slovakia invites everyone to join us on this exciting journey in 2024. Whether you’re a seasoned hiker or a beginner, there’s a place for you in our vibrant community. Together, let’s explore new trails, conquer challenging peaks, and build lasting memories in the great outdoors.