Control – Job – Alternative

Kľučová akcia 1 - Mládežnícke výmeny
This project is funded by the European Union. Erasmus +

Aim was to empower 35 young people between 18-25 years old (5 participants per country incl leader, who can be older) from Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece and Slovakia, to enter labor market, help them to gain self-confidence and find together alternative ways to find for the jobs or create or find their dream job. To promote volunteering, culture of participation, personal, professional and responsible development as well as active citizenship in Europe. Youth exchange objectives is to focus on helping youngsters to identify their skills and competences (desires and motivations) in order for them to plan for careers rather than jobs which will simply pay the bills. We hope to empower young people to identify their skills and talents and to plan for their careers while understanding the needs of the labor markets and making sure they find a solid standing in their labor markets with a long-lasting career that can offer them a more secure future. Job search network created during the youth exchange will be supportive ongoing tool, which will keep participants active in their career in the future.

More details are in the infopack here: Infopack – youth exchange Ctrl – Job – Alt in Nitra / OTI Slovakia.

Youth exchange TOOK place in Nitra (Hotel OKO in city center) and  last for 8 days  (7. – 14. September)

Preparatory meeting with participants from OTI Slovakia
Preparatory meeting with participants from OTI Slovakia

Activities held during youth exchange:

  • Meeting in “traditional job fair”
  • World café: Traditional ways of job searching
  • Seminar: Wants and Needs in a grid
  • Workshop: Selling yourself
  • Workshop: Become a evaluator/employer
  • Visit to local entrepreneur
  • Discussion: Alternative (Smarter) ways to find a job
  • Seminar Youthpass & job search
  • Workshop: How to Build Your Job Search (Career) Network

Besides that – sharing of practices of youth active in job search , diverse workshops, role-playing, discussions about innovative ways and ideas of finding job, intercultural nights and so on
Countries involved: Greece, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Lithuania, France, Slovakia

Alternative ways to find a job

Thirty five young people from Italy, Lithuania, Spain, Portugal, France, Greece and Slovakia participated in Erasmus + Youth exchange Control – Job – Alternative in Nitra and prepared tips and recommendations for young people, who are searching for a job or would like to create a dream job.

TIP #1 Stay active and initiative by following these three steps:

  1. Always have your CV available so you can give it to a suitable company at any time even if it’s not planned.
  2. Put your CV online to every platform available.
  3. Have a game plan (strategy) and apply it.

TIP #2 Instead of searching for a job in a job agency (labour office) we recommend:

  1. Register on the social working network LinkedIn. Write a CV and update it accordingly and have many good connections.
  2. Try an online job agency such as Infojobs (Spain). Write a good motivation letter, have a good CV and do not forget to take care of your profile.
  3. Ask your friends and let people know that you are searching for a new job on social media.

TIP #3 Instead of printed newspapers and classified advertising try:

  1. Websites such as:, (Lithuania), LinkedIn and Facebook groups related to job search.
  2. Visit local labour offices or job agencies.
  3. Use all connections you can including your friends and family members and let them know that you are searching for a job.

TIP #4 Present yourself well when searching for a job:

  1. Pay attention to your social media presence and Google results.
  2. Conduct yourself well, be aware of your body language, listen actively, have good manners, pay attention to your appearance and train your communication skills (the vocabulary you use, tone of voice).
  3. Get prepared, have knowledge of the potential employer/company.

TIP #5 In order to have appropriate professional connections:

  1. Have your personal professional network updated (LinkedIn, CV, recommendation letter, social media).
  2. Create mutual references with your group of friends, your sport team, hobby group, colleagues, teachers, university schoolmates and a group of people with the same interests.
  3. Show your work face-to-face when possible. For example job fairs, internships, voluntary work, exchanges, travels, social media, events and social activities.

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