The introductory seminar took place on 27. August 2022 in Nitra. It was led by a marking instructor RNDr. Ján Jahn, PhD., who is a chairman at the Marking Committee of the regional board of the Slovak Tourist Club. He was assisted by a qualified marking instructor Vladimír Faba.

The content of the Introductory seminar:

  1. Proprietary rights in the country – owners’ consent to utilize an area for hiking by creating marked trails, interests of different organisation, required consents for marking. More information is available on the website of KST.
  2. What is a marker – size, types of markers and their significance, directional sign posts, colour significance, the placement of markers on appropriate objects, securing the safety and passability of the hiking trails, the rules of marking uphill and downhill.
  3. Horizontal and form marking – the order of the colours, spring marker, sizes of markers, the Slovak Technical Standards for trails marking.
  4. Markers’ equipment in the field – clothing, footwear, colours, diluent, painting brushes, axe, brush etc.
  5. Practical demonstration of marking in the field. Participants had the opportunity to try painting markers themselves.

Participants met in Nitra in front of the St. Svorad Hospital Zobor where the seminar started with the presentation of surrounding markers and followed by a theoretical part consisting of the above-mentioned topics. The seminar finished with a practical demonstration of marker painting which participants could try too with the guidance of qualified instructors. Part of the seminar was also a short hike along the local marked trails with the duration of 2,5 hours.

The route: St. Svorad Hospital Zobor – Svorad’s spring – Three oak – Meškov hill – St. Svorad Hospital Zobor (duration 2,5 h)

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Directional sign post
Sign post with tables informing about the directions and time data
Stake steel with a marker
Steel stake used on meadows – blue marker with direction to Dražovce.
Horizontal marker on a tree
Horizontal marker placed on a tree – Zobor summit