If you’re interested in our activities and want to be part of our team, join us as a member of OTI Slovakia!

Members of our club have a lot of benefits:

  • annual mountain insurance within Slovakia
  • participation in international events across all Europe
  • experience with Erasmus+ projects
  • possibility to attend an instructor course in different fields such as hiking or mountain hiking, cycling, climbing etc.
  • participation in easier hikes suitable for everyone within the Nitra region
  • membership in the Slovak Tourist Club (KST)
  • discounts on accommodation in the amount of 10 – 50% in 23 cottages and campsites throughout Slovakia. To ensure you can take advantage of our discount, please contact the mountain hut ahead of time by phone or email. They will be able to inform you of their availability and how many spots are still open to apply the discount.
  • discounts on accommodation in 1001 cottages and hostels of the organization Friends of Nature Worldwide (NFI)
  • 50% discount on accommodation in cottages owned by KST and ÖTK (Austrian Tourist Club)

Additionally, being a member is a great opportunity for you to meet new like-minded people, join group of nature and mountain enthusiasts and try out new experiences!

Slovak Tourist Club

OTI is a member of the Slovak Tourist Club (KST), an umbrella organisation active in the field of sport, hiking and leisure. It has more than 22 000 members joined together in 300 local clubs. KST organises various activities in different fields of tourism – hiking, ski touring, water touring, mountain hiking, bicycle touring, horseback riding, youth section, camping and nature protection. Every year, KST organises courses for hiking and cycling instructors which can be arranged for our OTI members.

Membership fees of KST

  • basic: 15 €
  • students (16 – 26 y/o) and seniors (62 – 69 y/o): 10 €
  • children under 15 y/o, seniors above 70 y/o and people with a disability card: 5 €

OTI does not issue paper vouchers with a sticker to its members; members receive a membership number to redeem a discount or to prove they are an active member. Use the link below to verify your membership simply by entering your membership number. A membership number will be assigned to you after you complete the registration and pay the membership fee.

Membership verification


Membership validity

OTI membership is valid until the end of March of the following year. If you become a member in 2024, your membership will expire on March 31, 2025 and with it your mountain insurance and the opportunity to take advantage of discounts.

If you are interested in joining our team, feel free to fill in this registration form or you can contact us:

  • email: info@otislovakia.sk
  • mobile number: +421 948 330 103