Sport and mental health

Due to the pandemics and other negative trends, young people’s mental health is significantly worsening. According to UNICEF survey results, more than 16 % of young Europeans suffer from mental disorders. Anxiety and depression are among the most common ones.

outdoor sport

One of the way how to improve young people’s health is sport. Physical activity helps to reduce stress hormones which can be the cause of anxiety and depression. Sport releases endorpins – hormones which evoke the feeling of happiness in our body. According to the latest studies, positive effects of exercise on adolescents’ health can greatly improve their mental health. Just 30 minutes of exercise few times a week can ensure better mood.

OASI project

In their efforts to stop declining health of European adolescents, partners from Bulgaria, Italy, Slovakia and Romania have joined efforts and create the OASI project (Open Air Sport for Inclusion). The aim of the project is to promote outdoor sports accessible for all and practicable in natural environment.

OASI logo

Under the guidance of Bulgarian coordinator Courage Foundation, during the OASI project we will organise 3 transnational meetings and 2 learning and training activities that will enable participants to acquire knowledge on mobility patterns and participate in sports and activities beneficial to their mental and physical health.

Project partners